ZDBE Mathematics Paper 1 (Nov 2021) Gr12

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If you are a grade 12 Mathematics student about to write Paper 1- Algebra, then this video is for you. Miss Pythagoras deciphers every question in detail. See how easy and clear every question is explained with her step-by-step instructions. After studying this video series you will feel motivated and ready for your exam!  Note:  This course will only be available for 60 days after purchase.  This paper covers the following topics:

  • Algebra, Solve for x, quadratic equations, simultaneous equations and inequalities.
  • Quadratic sequence, Arithmetic and Geometric sequence, Number Patterns, Sigma notation.
  • Exponential Functions, Quadratic Functions, Logarithmic Function, Inverse.
  • Financial Mathematics, Annuity, Present and Future value formula, Sinking fund, Simple- and compound interest.
  • Calculus, Laws of differentiation, First principle, Cubic function, finding the derivative, concavity, stationary points, Maxima and minima problems, Rate of change.
  • Probability, Counting principle, Factorial notation, Mutual exclusive events.


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