ZDBE Mathematics Paper 2 (Nov 2021) Gr12

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Miss Pythagoras helps you to get to grips with Paper 2 -Trigonometry and Euclidean Geometry.  Every question is untangled in such a way that every Maths student’s fear and anxiety will vanish into thin air.  You will be so well informed and prepared for Paper 2 after working through this video.  Note:  This paper will only be available for 60 days after purchase.  In this paper you can expect the following topics:

  • Statistics, Data handling, Least squares regression line, Correlation, Standard deviation
  • Analytical Geometry, parallel and perpendicular lines, gradient, circle with midpoint (a;b), Tangents to a circle.
  • Trigonometry, Reduction formula, Trig identities, Double and compound angles, Trig equations, Sine rule, cosine rule, Trig graphs and interpretation.
  • Euclidean geometry, Quadrilaterals, Tangents, Proportionality, Midpoint theorem, Similarity in triangles.
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