ZDBE Mathematics Paper2 (Nov 2020) Gr12

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Miss Pythagoras helps you to work through the 2020 Paper 2.  She clearly explains every question and after you have worked through the video you will be well prepared and have more confidence in writing Paper 2.  Please Note:  This course will only be available for 60 days after purchase.  In this paper you can expect the following:

  • Statistics, Data handling, Least squares regression line, Correlation, Standard deviation
  • Analytical Geometry, parallel and perpendicular lines, gradient, circle with midpoint (a;b), Tangents to a circle.
  • Trigonometry, Reduction formula, Trig identities, Double and compound angles, Trig equations, Sine rule, cosine rule, Trig graphs and interpretation.
  • Euclidean geometry, Quadrilaterals, Tangents, Proportionality, Midpoint theorem, Similarity in triangles.
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